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Welcome to Singida Region Tanzania

Singida is one of the regions of Tanzania. The region is bordered to the North by Shinyanga Region, to the Northeast by Manyara Region, to the East by Dodoma Region, to the Southeast by Iringa Region, to the Southwest by Mbeya Region and to the West by Tabora Region. It is one of the poorest regions in Tanzania. Singida is itself a region, a district, and a town.
It is accessible from Arusha through Babati and Kateshi in Manyara RegionDar es salaamIringa andMbeya through Dodoma and TaboraShinyanga and Mwanza through Nzega in Tabora Region. Although not all the roads are passable all the year round, they expected to be so in the near future when the connections to ArushaDodoma and Mbeya will be tarmac. Otherwise the connection to Shinyanga,Mwanza and Tabora via Nzega is passable all the year round.

Geographical Location

Singida region is located below the equator between latitudes 3052’ and 7034’. Longitudinally the region is situated between 33027’ and 350 26’ east of Greenwich. To the north, it shares borders with Shinyanga RegionArushaManyara and on the east borders Dodoma.To the south it shares borders with Iringa and Mbeya while on the west there is Tabora Region.
Singida region has a total surface area of 49,438 sq. kms out of which 95.5 sq.kms or 0.19 percent are covered by water bodies of Lake Eyasi, Kitangiri, Singidani, Kindai and Balengida. The remaining 49,342.5 sq.km is land area. Singida region is deemed to be neither small no big. It is the 13thin size and occupies about 5.6 percent of the Tanzania mainland’s total area of 881,289sq.km. Climate


Singida Region is administratively divided into 4 districts: IrambaManyoniSingida Rural and Singida Urban.


In Singida town (i.e. Singida municipal district) and Singida Rural District, the main tribe is the Nyaturu. The town is also home to immigrants from different parts of Tanzania. Iramba district belongs to Nyiramba tribe and Manyoni district belongs to Gogo and few of Nyaturu tribes.
The Photo below featured one of the Chief Saidi Gwao's wife Bibi Nyamwagele of Samumba. Gwao was chief of Singida South around 1940s, after he died his brother Chief Mange Gwao took over the crown until after Tanzania independence, when chief leadership was abolished
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